Printer Advice

Richard Smith rdls at
Wed Mar 8 15:37:49 GMT 2000

Barry Freshwater wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since I started using FreeBSD nearly two years ago, it has inspired me
> to start an OU degree in Computing, and I have found myself in the
> position of needing to buy a printer (never needed such a beast before)
> to use on both FreeBSD and windoze 95. Does anyone know if there is such
> a thing as a list of manufacturers / models that would be compatible? I
> am currently running 3.4-Stable and will update to 4.0-Stable when my CD
> subscription changes.

You almost definitely need to be able to print postscript files.

If you buy a postscript aware printer, it should just work, but they are
quite expensive. Alternatively, you can filter through ghostscript,
which is in the ports and explained quite well in the handbook. Check
out ghostscript's web site(s) for the latest list of tested printers.

In general, I think most PCL printers should work with ghostscript. But
avoid anything that calls itself a WinPrinter <spit>.


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