BSD/OS and FreeBSD merge / Walnet Creek and BSDI merge

Roger Hardiman roger at
Wed Mar 8 15:19:10 GMT 2000


> First, Berkeley Systems Design, Inc., better known as
> BSDI, and Walnut Creek CDROM, the primary backer of FreeBSD, are
> merging. The combined company, BSD Inc.

Well, I'm glad they finally announced this. Those of us which
are committers knew of the merger talks were in progress
but had to keep quite about it.
It will be interesting to see what comes of this.
Certainly a common code base will be good, and having the
paid BSD/I programming staff means bug fixes and improvements
can be turned over faster.

It also gives FreeBSD some commercial credibility, rather like
the credibility RedHat gave to the linux community.


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