Richard Smith rdls at rdls.net
Mon Mar 6 12:53:24 GMT 2000

David Richards wrote:
> ok thanks for the help with fetchamil. Now all my mail is down. But not in
> any mail boxes. is it  to do with sendmail ?? and how would i fix it ?

Your mail is down where? If sendmail (or fetchmail) doesn't like your
name it will bounce the mail back to the sender. Check /var/log/maillog
to see where it went.

I use the following ~/.fetchmailrc for my multi drop configuration...

set no bouncemail
set postmaster root

poll <remote pop3 host> protocol POP3 no dns aka <my remote mail domain>
	user <remote_username> pass <remote_password> to *

You will notice that I have disabled fetchmail from bouncing mail (for


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