Brian Somers brian at awfulhak.org
Sun Mar 5 21:08:56 GMT 2000

> Try this. You will need to call fetchmail by hand (or in a cron job). I do
> it this way because you can control the exact time that it queries the
> server (better for dialup).
> poll pop3.demon.co.uk protocol POP3
> no dns
> localdomains macware.co.uk macware.demon.co.uk macware.net mac-ware.co.uk
> macbox.co.uk
> user <username>
> pass <password> is * here
> fetchall
> This should pick all mail up and send it to localhost:25. You will need to
> have configured sendmail properly to accept the mail for your domains.

Just to add, if you're using -current, a patch was just committed (2 
days ago) to fix fetchmail trying to talk to port 25 on ::1 (ip6 
localhost) and giving up.  So you'll need to upgrade your fetchmail 

> Ian.
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> hello,
>        please could some one send me a .fetchmailrc that will collect my
> mail from a pop3 server and inject it in to sendmail, so sendmail will send
> it to the correct users ?.
> thanks
> david
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