TV card problems

Ben Smithurst ben at
Mon Jul 31 22:47:44 BST 2000

Roger Hardiman wrote:

> I get lousy reception via an aeriel. I get my TV feed from my Cable TV
> box, so the signal is strong.  A booster may help. Also use the AFC
> option (auto fine tune) in FXTV.

ok.  Hopefully, just two more minor things now.  Both rather annoying but
they look like bugs in fxtv since if I resize the window slightly they often
go away.

First, sometimes fxtv doesn't redraw a column of pixels down the middle
of the screen.  Second, fxtv seems to only redraw every other row of
pixels, which can give a rather odd image.  With any luck you can see
what I main (as well as the crap reception I get) at

I tried videotext to view Teletext, and that coredumped straight away
too, which seems odd.  I guess I'll compile with -g and see what I can
find out soon.  I'll see if vbidecode is any good...

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