troubleshooting not working !!

Neil Hoggarth njh at
Mon Jul 31 20:17:28 BST 2000

On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Dominic Mitchell wrote:

> One thing I have to add to all this, is *please* ensure that the shell
> you choose for root is statically linked (before switching it!).
> ... [summary: otherwise you are in trouble if /usr can't be mounted] ...
> Note that you should probably copy your new root shell to somewhere
> on the root partition, for the same reasons.

On a similar theme - my standard recommendation: leave the shell on the
true root account alone. Instead change the shell on the "toor" account,
and set a toor password. Alternatively, create another similar account
(one with uid and gid of zero) and meddle with that.

Use the alternative uid 0 account for everyday su access, and keep the
unmodified root account for if and when it all goes Horribly Wrong.



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