[Regional] South of England get-together

John O'Farrell john at jofa.co.uk
Mon Jul 31 14:06:20 BST 2000

I'd certainly be interested, as would a couple of friends Simon and Laura. We are
all based in Brighton.

Best regards

Neil Ford wrote:

> In an attempt to keep momentum going I'd like to try and organise a meeting
> in the south for those interested. This is really a start to the regional
> co-ordinator idea proposed by Lee and to guage response. No point organising
> something if no-one want to come :-)
> This time of year isn't ideal, what with holidays and the like but let's give
> it a go.
> I have no preconceived ideas on location, apart from trying to keep it out of
> London, or on when, though weekends may be better for most people. So all and
> any suggestions are welcome. Of course a lot will depend on where those
> attending are based. No point suggesting say Basingstoke if everyone is east of
> the M23.
> Please speak up if you're interested in meeting up and lets see if we can't
> get something organised and maybe inspire others to do the same. It would be
> great to have had some success to talk about at the next conference.
> Neil.
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> Neil Ford
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