Problems with 4.0

Richard Smith rdls at
Sat Jul 29 20:52:45 BST 2000

Andrew Dennis wrote:
> Here is the configuration file (the name is suitably appropriate), i think
> there is stuff in here that isn't really required as you can see from the
> messages extract. Any ideas about the invalid command/syntax type messages ?
> Jul 29 13:46:55  /kernel: config> di sn0
> Jul 29 13:46:55  /kernel: No such device: sn0
> Jul 29 13:46:55  /kernel: Invalid command or syntax.  Type `?' for help.

These are due to an old user config file (from the previous version)
still lying around in the root directory. Not sure of its name as I
never use them. Perhaps /kernel.config?


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