X on a laptop

Roger Hardiman roger at cs.strath.ac.uk
Sat Jul 29 15:11:45 BST 2000

Charles, Neil

> > I'm looking at putting FreeBSD 4.0 on my Advent 7340 laptop (PC World OEM
> > brand I think).
> >
> > When I previously installed Linux on it ISTR that enthusiasm ran out when I
> > couldn't find an X server to work on it unless I went out and bought an
> > upgrade to Xi AcceleratedX.

If you can find out the chipset you are using, (Accelerated X should be
able to tell
do, or even the bootup dmesg) you can check for support on

It may be that the linux distribution you put on previosuly only had
XFree86 3.3.4, whereas 3.3.6 which FreeBSD 3.5 and 4.1 ship with may
have support.

Even if the graphpics chip is not directly supported, you can still run
640x480 16 colour mode (normal VGA mode)


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