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Mark Ovens marko at
Sat Jul 29 10:22:29 BST 2000

On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 10:47:18PM +0100, fasi74 wrote:
> I want to copy my whole harddrive including MBR & all operating systems
> present on that drive.
> On an harddrive that is not as same as this harddrive in capacity.
> is there some software like this ?

Drive Copy from Powerquest (the makers of Partition Magic) can do
this. If the destination HD is a different size to the source HD (as
yours is) it will "scale" the partitions, i.e. the partitions on the
new disk will be the same percentage of the disk as the old ones. The
exception is to this is partitions whose filesystem type is unknown
(to Drive Copy) such as FreeBSDs FFS, in which case Drive Copy just
copies the partition verbatim.

You could probably use dd(1) or dump(8) and restore(8), but I don't
know how you would do that.


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