troubleshooting not working !!

Steve Greenshaw steve at
Sat Jul 29 01:19:37 BST 2000

You must mount the filesystem in a read / write manner if you want to edit
files in single user mode ...

Once you are up and running and have a prompt, type:
mount -a -t /etc
mount -a -t /usr

That will let you use an editor from '/usr' (such as '/usr/bin/ee') to edit
files in '/etc'.


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Hi there i posted that my bsd box return me to login prompt again & again &
give some error about /usr/local/bin/bash not found.
then i got suggestion to move into single usr mode then edit the /etc/passwd
file of boot from cdrom & go into repair mode
so i did that but it is not working  it give me file in readonly mode
Although i have reinstall my BSD & now every thing is fine but dont wana go
through this again ....

what should  have i done ?


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