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Neil Ford neil at
Thu Jul 27 22:29:55 BST 2000

This got posted to another list I'm on, I thought some of you might be

Not sure if I'll be able to make it myself as October 27 is the day my current
place of employment closes down and I'm one of the ones charged with turning
off the lights :-) Which is a pain as I really wanted to go.


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We would appreciate it if you would pass the following invitation to your
user group members.  ApacheCon Europe will be the largest gathering of
Apache users in Europe and is the only event to be fully supported by the
Apache Software Foundation. 

Thanks and hope to see you there!

ApacheCon Europe 2000
Conference: 23-25 October 2000
Exhibition: 24-25 October 2000
Olympia Conference Centre
London, England

To register and for more info:

Two-Day Exhibition
Come explore the exhibit floor packed with leading Apache supporters. Meet
the experts and walk away with free information and giveaways.  Your invited
to free special events, social events, BOFs and much more.  Come and meet
Apache founders! 
Exhibit Hours
Tuesday, 24 October 	12:00 - 19.30	
Wednesday, 25 October	12:00 - 18.30
Free admission to Exhibits and special events when you pre-register at

The technical program will explore Security and eCommerce, Securing Apache
on Unix and Windows, Java, PHP, Perl, TCL, Python, XML, XSL, Performance,
load balancing and Case studies. It will be comprised of over 60 sessions
and will cover basic Apache topics (installation, compilation,
configuration); scripting languages and dynamic content (mod_perl,
mod_php,mod_jserv, Tcl, Python, ASP, et cetera)and tips for writing Apache
modules.  You will learn from Apache's most respected technical experts,
gurus and advanced users.

Hope to see you there and thanks for your support!


Terry DeGiuli
Camelot Communications Corp.
18 East 41st Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10017
T: 212.251.0006 ext. 14
F: 212. 252.8812

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