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Ben Smithurst ben at
Thu Jul 27 17:31:14 BST 2000

fasi74 wrote:

> i recently gave a command to change my default shell which was not present
> there now the system wont let me login  when i give user id & password it
> says
> /usr/..../bin/bash not found 7 returns me to login prompt ????
> what should i do ?

Well, if you didn't change root's login shell, just login as root and
fix it ("chsh" to change shell, but if you've changed your shell already
I guess you know that).

If you did change root's login shell, reboot the system (with
ctrl-alt-del if you can't log in), interrupt the "booting kernel in 10
seconds" countdown, type "boot -s" at the "ok" prompt, press enter when
asked what shell to use, type "mount /" to mount root read/write, then
use "chsh" to fix your error.

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