routing question

Paul Civati paul at
Thu Jul 27 11:48:18 BST 2000

I presume that this is you then.. :)

% whois -h
Ministry of Education Computer Center (NETBLK-TANET-C)
   12th Fl, 106, Hoping E. Road, Sec 2.
   Taiwan Republic of China, R.O.C 

   Netname: TANET-C
   Netblock: -
   Maintainer: UNKN

Else you should be using RFC1918 blocks, ie.

>     I have this freebsd box with two nics, ed0 ( and ed1
> (

What netmasks do you have on each interface?

> what i am trying to do, but not getting very far is to
> get all the traffice from ed1 to pass through ed0. what do i need to use ?
> nat ? routed? gated? well actually i am stuck there ?
> so any help would be nice

Routed and gated are only used for route distribution.

NAT is used for hiding hosts on private address space (ie. RFC1918)
behind real IPs, either in a one to one mapping or a one to many

To route traffic between interfaces you must have IP routing enabled,
and also the correct routes in the routing table.

To 'get all the traffice from ed1 to pass through ed0' I think you'll
probably need a default route that is pointing out of the ed0
interface to a host on the network.


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