Vinum - HELP

Steve Greenshaw steve at
Wed Jul 26 23:48:31 BST 2000


I'm trying to use vinum to create a single volume over 4 identical SCSI

Currently, each disk has a slice 8100MB in size at:


Each disk is 'dangerously dedicated'.

Using 'dsiklabel -e device', I've renamed the FS from 'BSD4.2' to 'vinum'
and created the following 'vinum.conf' in /etc:

drive a device /dev/da1e
drive b device /dev/da2e
drive c device /dev/da3e
drive d device /dev/da4e
volume myvolume
plex org striped 512k
sd length 8100m drive a
sd length 8100m drive b
sd length 8100m drive c
sd length 8100m drive d

I then 'vinum create -f /etc/vinum.conf'

This is where my system gives up. Kernel panic. Dead. Gone. RIP.

I was wondering if it's something to do with my initial setup and formatting
of the disks ... should they be mentioned in '/etc/fstab'? How should they
be mentioned in '/etc/fstab'.

Any / all advice welcome!


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