AMD ethalon !!

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Jul 26 20:50:24 BST 2000

"fasi74" <faisal_gillani at> wrote:

> Hello there
>     I am thinking of shifting my server from intel to AMD ethalon
> is this a good idea ???

I presume you mean Athlon.

What reason do you have to move?

Intel vs. AMD these days the general thought (well mine at least) is
that AMD perform just as well (maybe better?) for most uses (Intel
for some processors may beat AMD for specific numerical applications)
with the benefit of being cheaper for comparible CPU ranges.

So, for a UNIX server o/s, unless you are doing some clever stuff
with numerical calculations AMD will be cheaper and perform just
as well as AMD, IMO.

Check out <URL:> which has useful
commentary on the state of play with the CPU and PC market.


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