A Question on the Modem setting. (Gateway machine)

Roger Hardiman roger at cs.strath.ac.uk
Wed Jul 26 10:50:49 BST 2000

Cha Seung-Hoon wrote:
> I have some problem in setting a modem in my Gateway PC.
> It is PCI 56K modem which is included in the Gateway PC generally.
> There is "Unknown Device" message in the booting and dmesg output.

It looks like you have a "winmodem", or "softmodem" or
"software modem"
This is a modem which only works under Microsoft Window
as most of the functionality of the modem has been moved into
the Windows Device Driver code software.

We do not have this code available under FreeBSD so the
modem will never work.

And it would not work under linux, OS/2, BeOS or any other
non-windows OS either. (less the manufacturer makes drivers)

So, if you want to suft the net from FreeBSD, you will need
a new modem.

(an ISA hardware modem is good. Or one of the PCI modems
FreeBSD does support.
Those are
 0x100812b9, "3COM PCI FaxModem"
 0x048011c1, "ActionTec (lucent chipset) 56k FAX PCI Modem"

See if your dmesg output lists PCI device numbes which match


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