ports !!@@@

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Wed Jul 26 09:46:15 BST 2000

"fasi74" <fasi74 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am unable to install ports i go into /usr/ports/www/apache1.3/ then
> i make install but its error scrolls up ......

Try script, useful for logging output that you want to capture:

  % script
  Script started, output file is typescript
  % whoami
  % exit
  Script done, output file is typescript

The contents of the file 'typescript' will be any input/output during
that script session:

  % cat typescript 
  Script started on Wed Jul 26 09:43:01 2000
  % whoami
  % exit
  Script done on Wed Jul 26 09:43:06 2000


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