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Rich Wood rich at
Tue Jul 25 21:07:52 BST 2000

On 25 Jul 2000, at 20:13, Paul Richards wrote:

> I've had a list of possible venues back from the venue finding people.
> We suggested that an university venue would be good for us, the
> problem with that is the term doesn't end until quite close to
> christmas. How does the weekend of 16/17 Dec sound to people, is that
> too close to christmas or would it be ok?

No good for me, too close to Christmas (and far too close to my 
birthday, even if I was sober enough to drive up I wouldn't be able 
to afford the round of drinks :-).

> I'll post various options when more is known but one that looked good
> to me from a quick glance was Warwick University. It's quite cheap
> from the perspective of organising the conference. B&B is =A350/night
> but since this is Warwick I'm sure there are lots of cheaper B&Bs in
> the town itself (the quoted accomodation is in the university).

Thats not too bad a price.

> Is Warwick too far south? 

Too far north :-)

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