rc.local, and how to use it / set it up

GeorgE Russell george.russell at clara.net
Tue Jul 25 20:45:23 BST 2000

I've got things working quite well now, so some questions.

How would I start the ppp and wwwoffled daemons at bootup?

I assume this has to do with modifying thr rc.local file, as in Linux
;-) or not.

man rc didn't help me, I don't have rc.local and do not understand how
to add one.

I note a wwwoffled.sh script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d , and would like to
run this rtather than wwwoffled directly - the script simply checks
wwwoffled is indeed installed.

Also, KDE 1.92 is due any day now, tm. THe ports entry for Qt is dated,
a beta Qt release for 2.1, etc. I want to use ports to compile KDE as I
expect it will pull in more libraries than I havce currently - eg, 
Qt 2.1.1 , mimelib, libssl for encryption etc. I know KDE has freebsd
support built into the configure scripts. What I want to know is (ie has
anyone built KDE from source tar balls on freebsd) is on detecting
FreeBSD, will KDE automatically build and register as a port? I assume
the freebsd dir in each KDE package is the needed scripts, but I'd like
to know if I can simple get the source, or if I need wait for a new
ports entry. As to why, KDE 1.92 will have a great browser, my preferred
email program etc - and I can retreat from using olvwm to some
comfortable desktop.  Also, it is the last (probably) beta before 2, so
it'd be nice to find any bugs now. Besides, all applications are
scriptable from the command line, via dcop, so I can write small scripts
to tell KDE to fetch mail, web pages, etc...

George Russell

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