Date for next conference

Martin Hopkins martin.hopkins at
Tue Jul 25 20:44:45 BST 2000

>>>>> "Paul" =3D=3D Paul Richards <paul at> writes:

    Paul> I've had a list of possible venues back from the venue findin=
g people.
    Paul> We suggested that an university venue would be good for us, t=
he problem
    Paul> with that is the term doesn't end until quite close to christ=
mas. How
    Paul> does the weekend of 16/17 Dec sound to people, is that too cl=
ose to
    Paul> christmas or would it be ok?

    Paul> I'll post various options when more is known but one that loo=
ked good to
    Paul> me from a quick glance was Warwick University. It's quite che=
ap from the
    Paul> perspective of organising the conference. B&B is =A350/night =
but since
    Paul> this is Warwick I'm sure there are lots of cheaper B&Bs in th=
e town
    Paul> itself (the quoted accomodation is in the university).

    Paul> Is Warwick too far south?=20

The university is actually closer to Coventry which is also probably
cheaper than Warwick.

On the transport side you've got M69 into Coventry connecting to the
M1 (if coming from the North) and M40/A46 by road, and Coventry
station on the line between Birmingham New Street and I think Euston.


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