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I've just read the article, and it's sad .. on a brighter side of things, 
next time we meet I intend to present a fully functional LAN-to-Internet 
demo (FreeBSD and Win98 running on two portables). I would be happy to 
discuss any details with those interested in commercial FreeBSD deployment, 
on or off the list.

 > If you've got a workstation in a commercial situation then you'll keep 
getting forced back to Windows.
 > But that's not quite as bad as it sounds. A Windows workstation + 
FreeBSD server setup is a killer
 > combination. With tools like Tera Term, VNC and Samba you can get the 
benefit of both platforms and
 > still be very productive.

I quite agree with the above quote from the article (I took part in two 
LAN-to-Internet projects based on FreeBSD, and I really enjoyed learning 
more about FreeBSD in real-life situation).



At 11:56 25/07/2000 , you wrote:
>Interesting article at about user
>groups and support for FreeBSD.
>An interesting topic for discussion at the next informal group meeting 
>The insight of those who are managing to deploy FreeBSD commercially would be
>most welcome.
>Neil Ford
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