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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Newman <Paul.Newman at> writes:

    Paul> Thanks to Nik and Martin for the responses. Here's how I did it in the end, and
    Paul> this works for ports and pkg_add -r. I read man fetch and figured it out from
    Paul> there. Of all the places!

    Paul> 1. configure networking - add the interface by using /stand/sysinstall to find
    Paul> the DHCP server and configure the ip address (incidentally it's a bit strange
    Paul> but I have to do this every time I reboot as ifconfig -a shows I dont have an IP
    Paul> address - even though sysinstall is recording the IP address of the DHCP server
    Paul> and making a record of it in my config files (forgotten where). That shouldnt be
    Paul> the case, should it? After I come out of /stand/sysinstall and do ifconfig -a
    Paul> then the IP address has been fetched.

You need to run the dhcp client at startup.  Make sure your network
interface is listed in network_interfaces in /etc/rc.conf and specify
dhcp as the ifconfig flag. e.g

		network_interfaces="ed0 lo0"

assuming your network interface is ed0

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