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Martin Hopkins martin.hopkins at
Sun Jul 23 21:03:38 BST 2000

>>>>> "Nik" == Nik Clayton <nik at> writes:

    Nik> On a FreeBSD machine you set the IP address of the default
    Nik> route by doing

    Nik>     route add default

    Nik> The simplest way to have this done for you is to put the line

    Nik>     defaultrouter=""

    Nik> in /etc/rc.conf.

You will also need 


If you want to route packets between interfaces.

    >> The firewall requires a username and password.

    Nik> That gets more tricky.  It sounds like what you have is a firewall proxy.
    Nik> I'm guessing you have to ftp to your firewall machine first, and then
    Nik> log in as something like

    Nik>      username: ftp at
    Nik>      password: anonymous

For this specific case you can use gate-ftp.  You'll probably want to
set FTPSERVER and FTPSERVERPORT in you environment (or you can set
them from the ftp client prompt) and you may alos want

    Nik> right (assuming you were trying to get to
    Nik> And then it connects you directly to

    Nik> If that is the case then you're going to have problems
    Nik> running programs like CVSup through.  This is going to be
    Nik> somewhat dependent on your network setup, and related
    Nik> configuration.

Indeed, about the best CVSup can offer you is SOCKS5.

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