Advice on machine spec ... PLEASE!

Steve Greenshaw steve at
Fri Jul 21 09:22:41 BST 2000


The story ...

I normally use whatever I can get my hands on at work for building FreeBSD boxes, but my
boss has just asked me to provide him with the spec. for a new box to run FreeBSD on.
This will mainly be a HTTP server, with PHP and mySQL ... so quite a lot of server-side

My boss is very keen to have a 'brand' name and likes Dell. Could anyone offer any
suggestions for a configuration that would be suited to the task / apps above? I'd like
a hefty amount of storage space and to run Raid5 (via 'vinum'?). Also, a tape drive
would be needed.

I'm afraid that I know very little about FreeBSD and multi-processor boards (I'm
guessing PIII or Xenon PIII), but as this is the first chance I've had to get a 'top of
the range' box for FreeBSD I need something that FreeBSD can take advantage of and that
all the appropriate FreeBSD drivers are available for.

I realise that this may not be an appropriate forum to request this help, but having
finally convinced my boss that FreeBSD is the OS to use (after two years) I realise that
some help from people far more experienced than I is now needed.

Trouble is ... he wants to order the box this afternoon!



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