Server co-location questions

Cold Fire coldfire at
Fri Jul 21 02:06:49 BST 2000

On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 06:57:10PM +0100, Lee Johnston wrote:
> Hi,
> > (b) pager "server down" alert solution
> I'm using a combination of Genie Internet's E-MAIL->SMS gateway
> ( and MITs Uptime monitor
> (
> This means you get a message on your mobile when your server goes down.

I'm not familiar with the uptime monitor, but certainly with
genie if your server goes down how are you supposed to get a
email message to them ? I would suggest sms_client (search for
it) to sent the sms direct from a server you control, at the end
of the day its still rough and ready unless you can send the sms
direct from your machine rather than putting up with delays across
half the planet.

If you have a hosted box I would suggest having a simple if-alive
script from you work via a machine (on an isdn or whatever) every 30-60
minutes and if that fails sms_client an error to your phone or
pager. I realse that you may need a more advanced solution, but
I would still suggest if you can't afford to have 24hr monitoring
via your ISP a shell script on a shell box which similaly checkes
for your website being up and if not mails you at xxxxx at
(applogies to the non uk guys)

(quick plug if you want a more advaned system mail me)


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