Proliferation of Mailing Lists

Paul Fletcher paul at
Thu Jul 20 21:45:54 BST 2000

Yeah I aggree, I think **more** mailing lists is probably a bad thing, keep
it simple :-) Maybe when the "congregation" gets really big there'll be a
need for regional lists and meets, but at the moment do we really need them?



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Can I put my hand up for *NOT* having any more mailing lists, at least not
Let's work out if we're getting maximum use out of the ones we have before
we go mailing list crazy.

I can see Lee's reasoning about having lists for the regions but I would
against that as that'll mean having to monitor all the regional lists just
case there is something going on somewhere where someone might be on
Much easier to use [TAGS] in the subject lines. Less chance of things
in isolation that way too.

Just my 0.2c.


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