Server co-location questions

Mark Blackman tmb at
Thu Jul 20 20:52:37 BST 2000

I can suggest my current employer Direct Connection.

We've got a suite in Telehouse with a fair bit of space.
You can cobble together a simple sms_client
( based solution 
or we could probably do it just as well in fact. I'd be
willing to write a quickie script for you as I done it
for myself already. Co-location is fairly expensive
compared to shell access + web-server unless you really
need it. Direct Connection also do managed servers if
you're interested. I'll let a couple of the other
ISP employees sell their wares now.

- Mark Blackman

> Hi,
> I wonder if anyone could advise me on
> (a) the best to your opinion ISP to co-locate FreeBSD server in Greater 
> London area
> (GetReal seems alright, hosting facilities by Telecity/Docklands, although 
> it took me some time to filter out marketing junk to understand what they 
> actually offer/charge).
> (b) pager "server down" alert solution
> Thanks,
> Serge
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