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Hello, I'm new to the list. Let me explain the question in brief first and then
give a little history and more detail.

How to configure the network such that all ftp packets for addresses outside my
firewall automatically go through the firewall? The firewall requires a username
and password.

I have been using Linux for about a year and a half in a 2-node network at home.
Fine, got it done. Was curious about FreeBSD, particularly as it seems less
hyped and emotional and more just about getting the job done. I was also deeply
impressed by an article on the ports system.

I burned a 4.0 release CD and was going to install but I lurked on the various
official Freebsd mailing lists for a few weeks and felt a bit intimidated by
what I perceived as the take it or leave it culture - long and bitter flame wars
on advocacy about whether someone could ask a question on #Freebsd on IRC, and
whether it was right to kick-bank people who ask questions to which the answers
can be found in the manpages.

I have learnt alot about UNIX and networking but am by no stretch of the
imagination an IS person. RTFM I can understand and have been doing, but
sometimes if you haven't had a formal education in a subject the M is difficult
to follow and understanding it requires doing alot more reading around (which I
am happy to do), so the temptation to wonder whether someone could help you out
if you send an email is strong, shall we say...

To summarize, please be gentle!

I am sure what I want to do can be done, so..

I have installed 4.0 release. At work I am behind an MS 2.1 proxy server. I have
installed Freebsd and can browse in netscape through the proxy server by
inputting the proxy server details within netscape. HTTP and FTP packets can go
through, but other ports like IRC cant and neither can real audio etc. find a
way through.

The proxy server requires a user name and password the first time a packet is
sent from a particular process (what I mean is if I run netscape and MSIE on a
the same windows box, I will have to imput the username and password the first
time each of these sends out a packet through the proxy server.

Now my aim is to configure the network settings on my box so that I can use
ports, pkg_add or CVSup from the command line.
The Handbook in Ch 16 talks about netstat. Despite 16.1 stating that the chapter
pertains to configuring the network settings, as far as I can see it the chapter
does not talk about how the settings are arrived at. The netstat manpage seems
to confirm this. I am not asking for a step by step guide on networking as I can
ping around my own side of the firewall/proxy and access the outside world
through netscape. But I just want to do that one particular thing - get
(probably ftp) packets for beyond the proxy automatically sent through so I can
use ports. My guess is either route (8), or /etc/gateways and that's what I'd
like to request help with (unless there's an easier or better way).

I am afraid man routed (8) is a little hard for me to follow and I might be
proceeding down the wrong avenue there anyway. I am wondering how to set up
routing for the range of IP addresses beyond the firewall/proxy.

Unfortunately /etc/gateways is not described in The Complete BSD, 3rd ed, which
I consulted.

Could anyone possibly give me some pointers to help me through or which manpages
/ books to consult? Should I just press on and keep hitting the manpages?

If you've got this far, thanks for reading!


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