More Newbies Questions

Paul Civati paul at
Thu Jul 20 12:21:43 BST 2000

Jonathan Belson <jon at> wrote:

> >Netscape hangs or dies regardless of platform in my experience.
> >I'd say no worse and no better than the Linux version.
> It's gotten to the stage where I flinch every time I close windows in
> case Netscape crashes - it's seriously flaky.  Has it always been that bad?

This is I believe due to the Motif libraries being buggy.

> Netscape under Solaris is great though (Sun tweaked it themselves); it's
> faster, smoother and much more stable.

Netscape under Solaris is dynamically linked against the Solaris
motif libraries which are possibly less buggy.

I wonder what tweaks Sun made..


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