Outage: cvsup.uk.FreeBSD.org.

Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Wed Jul 19 19:07:03 BST 2000

> I'm perfectly happy with the performance of cvsup2.uk.FreeBSD.org
> a.k.a storm - thanks Brian!

My pleasure :-)

>     Brian> I'll go away now...
> Before you go... one more question... anyone know of any work being
> done on an IrDA stack for FreeBSD?

I saw it mentioned recently on one of the lists, but I can't remember 
which one.  It didn't have an ``air of completion'', so I haven't 
looked into it at all (or saved the info).

> Brian, come back... (or do we need to resort to Guiness bribes).

Guinness bribes always work for me...  maybe I should copy phk's 
copyright ?

> Martin

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