Newbies Questions Continued

Brian Somers brian at
Wed Jul 19 13:53:45 BST 2000

> Progress 
> One CD and Soundcard, fully supported, afaik. Not tested midi, but 
> wav /mp3 is fine. Netcard found with ed0 and no parameters.
> The matcd.c as someone pointed out, needs edited, to replace all 
> occurrences of matcdc with matcd before it will work. The fact that 
> someone knew this means likely that someone has noticed for 4.1 
> to do this, but if not (where to check? a web CVS front end?), 
> where do I send this file? The maintainer doesn't seem to have 
> touched it since 95, according to the changelog included.

If you want to fire patches my way I'll ensure they at least make it 
into -current.

> George Russell

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