Outage: cvsup.uk.FreeBSD.org.

Josef Karthauser joe at pavilion.net
Wed Jul 19 11:18:18 BST 2000

We've had a failure on cvsup.uk.FreeBSD.org.  It's fallen over in
some bad way and we can't get access to it.  This means that
cvsup.uk.FreeBSD.org isn't currently responding.

I've modified the DNS so that cvsup.uk.FreeBSD.org is now pointing
at cvsup3.uk.FreeBSD.org, which is a very well spec'd and under
used server.  The DNS cache settings however mean that it may take
up to a day for this CNAME to propagate.  If you are having trouble
you may therefore need to modify your cvsup file to point directly
to cvsup3.uk.FreeBSD.org until the DNS updates.

Many thanks,
Josef Karthauser	FreeBSD: Take the red pill and we'll show you just how
Technical Manager	deep the rabbit hole goes. (http://www.uk.freebsd.org)
Pavilion Internet plc.  [joe at pavilion.net, joe at freebsd.org, joe at tao.org.uk]

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