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Wed Jul 19 08:54:10 BST 2000

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> From: Josef Karthauser [mailto:joe at pavilion.net]
> Sent: 19 July 2000 00:27

> Nik's proposed the addition of a some more lists, namely questions@,
> chat@, and announce at .  I've got no problems in setting these if we're
> in general agreement that they'll be useful.  Do you have any other
> suggestions as to how we can modify the infrastructure to best support
> the growing number of FreeBSD professionals in the UK?

At the moment the traffic on this list isn't very high. Certainly not high
enough to warrant chat, questions, and announce.

If we were to create more lists (I remain to be convinced that this is a
good thing), my suggestion would be to fork off an admin list for discussion
of meets/conferences/group structure etc and keep this list as a general
questions type list.

Rich Wood, Systems Manager, Royal United Hospital, Bath
rich at ruh-bath.swest.nhs.uk

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