Josef Karthauser joe at pavilion.net
Wed Jul 19 00:26:49 BST 2000

On Sat, Jul 15, 2000 at 12:18:44PM +0100, Helen McCall wrote:
> Hello Rich,
> I will repeat what I have already written in reply to another.
> You should not be taking offence to what I have said because I was not
> insulting anyone. 
> I was merely pointing out how poorly the "Beer and Curry" image is
> perceived by other people. It is alienating highly experienced people like
> myself.
> The UK user group should not be alienating any section of the FreeBSD
> community in Britain. My comments were constructive ones intended to
> suggest how to improve the image of the user group so as not to alienate a
> valuable section of the community.
> If you merely decide to take offence from my description of the perceived
> image, you will achieve nothing worthwhile.

Thanks for your observations.  It seems to me that because very
few people actively post to the list (as is the nature of _most_
mailing lists, in my experience) it is easy to forget that there
are many silent eyes watching.  I'm guilty of that myself most of
the time.

Nik's proposed the addition of a some more lists, namely questions@,
chat@, and announce at .  I've got no problems in setting these if we're
in general agreement that they'll be useful.  Do you have any other
suggestions as to how we can modify the infrastructure to best support
the growing number of FreeBSD professionals in the UK?


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