Newbies Questions Continued

george.russell at george.russell at
Tue Jul 18 21:49:12 BST 2000


One CD and Soundcard, fully supported, afaik. Not tested midi, but 
wav /mp3 is fine. Netcard found with ed0 and no parameters.

The matcd.c as someone pointed out, needs edited, to replace all 
occurrences of matcdc with matcd before it will work. The fact that 
someone knew this means likely that someone has noticed for 4.1 
to do this, but if not (where to check? a web CVS front end?), 
where do I send this file? The maintainer doesn't seem to have 
touched it since 95, according to the changelog included.


Can someone send me a vanilla ppp.conf file? Chainsaw 
configuration happened to mine.

"put '/usr/sbin/ppp -auto papchap' in my /etc/rc.local to start on 
bootup" The auto means what? It'll sit in the bg, and at the first 
sign of attempting to reach the net will dial out? Is there a way to 
(ok there is, but what ;-)) to need to explicitly dial out? I don't want 
to start ICQ and have it open a connection automatically, or when I 
misconfigure wwwoffle for it to dial spontaneously.

How do I stop system messages scribbling on consoles where I 
have say, links, or vi open on i.e. whenever I login as root to 
another terminal a line appears saying that root just logged in

(yes, I do have a user account. Just configuring so much I haven't 
been in it more then, oh, twice)

George Russell

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