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Tue Jul 18 16:59:05 BST 2000

the following message from freebsd-hardware suggests that matcd should 
be working but available under a different name. Not sure exactly
what they're saying here.

Date:      Wed, 14 Jun 2000 00:39:39 +1000 (EST)
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Subject:   Re: Matsushita cd-rom
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On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Kristian Hansen wrote:

> Does anybody here know about problems regarding the matcd driver in FreeBSD 4.0?

The driver is named "matcdc" internally.  This is apparently breaks lookups
of it by the name "matcd".  Try changing "matcdc" to "matcd" (literal quotes)
in matcd.c.

> I've done a custom kernel, grapping the matcd device line from LINT, and to the best of my knowledge the hardware parameters do match my hardware, the new kernels configures, compiles and installs as expected, except that I cannot mount the cd drive.
> I get mount_cd9660: Device not configured
> Any help will be apreciated.

Look at the verbose probe messages.


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> > > Attached to the soundcard is an old Matsushita CR 562 drive. This 
> > > is not supported in GENERIC, and is causing me major problems. 
> > > I've copied the entry from LINT into my custom kernels file, and it is 
> > > compiled in - at least matcd.c can be seen in the list during 
> > > compile. The CDROM is on the default settings - those specified in 
> > > the LINT entry. Its supported under Linux in the sbpcd driver, and is 
> > > found at address 0x230 No trace of it is seen in booting, or when 
> > > looking at the kernel output with dmesg. I have created the dev 
> > > entries, and tried to both mount cd9660 (iso9660 to me ;-)) and 
> > > play audio cd's - no luck. The cd9660 FS is compiled in, and is 
> > > available as a lkm in the modules dir.
> > umm. I seem to recall that Matsushita CDROM may no longer be supported. 
> > I think I've seen e-mails to suggest thats the case. If so and you 
> > really need matsushita support you may have to go back to 3.x or so.
> According to HINTS, ``device matcd 1'' is still available.
> > - Mark Blackman
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