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Brian Somers brian at
Tue Jul 18 15:21:03 BST 2000

> On the TODO list then - ppp is up, just in a painful and long winded 
> way.
> As root, start ppp
> set device /dev/cuaa1
> set speed 38400
> set authname myname
> set authkey mypass
> term
> at
> atdt mynum
> add! default HISTADDR
> Can then ping, browse etc.
> /etc/hosts and resolv.conf seem setup right.
> Following the handbook / pedantic ppp primer gets me a chat 
> script that fails.

What chat script did you try ?  What did the log say when you ``set 
log +chat'' ?

> Suggestions for automating the above are welcomed.
> Has anyone setup KDE's ppp dialer app on FreeBSD?

I think it only works with pppd.

> > tun* should be there. 'ifconfig -a' will give you a complete list
> > of available drivers.
> This will need updating for the handbook. I think the handbook 
> refers to 3.4, now that I read the first page.
> So. I'll update docs on
> matcd0
> ifconfig -a for tun devices
> controller for device
> ppp dialing - see man ppp, Its easier to understand than the primer, 
> handbook and FAQ together, and does step by step guide too.

I must admit, I only really maintain the ppp man page in line with 
the sources.  The handbook & primer are probably well out of date.  
Even the man page is out of date WRT if_tun.ko being auto-loaded.

> Thanks in advance
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