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Brian Somers brian at
Tue Jul 18 14:32:33 BST 2000

> > Has anyone any experience with setting up a dialup PPP 
> > connection on 4 - with the userland / kernel ppp. The handbook 
> > section claims that the tun drivers are in the generic kernel, but 
> > ifconfig can find none (in GENERIC or my kernel) . I have all the 
> > needed ppp details from the old linux setup. I have also used 
> > MAKEDEV tun0 to create the device entry.
> tun* should be there. 'ifconfig -a' will give you a complete list
> of available drivers.

Even if it's not, ppp(8) will load the kernel module on the fly :-)

> > Attached to the soundcard is an old Matsushita CR 562 drive. This 
> > is not supported in GENERIC, and is causing me major problems. 
> > I've copied the entry from LINT into my custom kernels file, and it is 
> > compiled in - at least matcd.c can be seen in the list during 
> > compile. The CDROM is on the default settings - those specified in 
> > the LINT entry. Its supported under Linux in the sbpcd driver, and is 
> > found at address 0x230 No trace of it is seen in booting, or when 
> > looking at the kernel output with dmesg. I have created the dev 
> > entries, and tried to both mount cd9660 (iso9660 to me ;-)) and 
> > play audio cd's - no luck. The cd9660 FS is compiled in, and is 
> > available as a lkm in the modules dir.
> umm. I seem to recall that Matsushita CDROM may no longer be supported. 
> I think I've seen e-mails to suggest thats the case. If so and you 
> really need matsushita support you may have to go back to 3.x or so.

According to HINTS, ``device matcd 1'' is still available.
> - Mark Blackman

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