LAN-to-Internet demo: 2 x portables

Serge Grant serge at
Tue Jul 18 18:54:55 BST 2000


I have 2 portable computers that I'd like to configure to use as a *fully 
functional* LAN-to-Internet demo, one running FreeBSD 3.5 and services and 
another running Win98/network clients/office apps.

The idea is that UKUG members involved in LAN-to-Internet projects (FreeBSD 
server + Win98/2000 clients) can borrow this pair for on-site demonstration 
to potential clients, rather than trying to explain network functionality 
by talking and drawing.

I'm sure the ideal choice of portable computers would be Sony Vaio (Z600NE 
is my favorite), but today I only have 2 notebooks as follows:

#1 - Toshiba Portege 300CT - server
Pentium-133, 64MB memory, 1.6GB hard disk
33.6K internal modem - fax
D-Link 650 10/100 PCMCIA network card
56K modem #1 PCMCIA - dial-out (connect to ISP)
56K modem #2 PCMCIA - dial-in (remote login to the server)

I wonder if it's necessary to upgrade memory to 128MB and hard disk to 6GB, 
before installing FreeBSD and ports?

I'm not sure what would be the best combination of devices for dial-out, 
dial-in and fax.

#2 - Gateway Solo 2300 - client
D-Link 650 10/100 PCMCIA network card
56K PCMCIA modem
(never trust Gateway - one day I'll buy Sony and feed my Gateway to sharks)

I'd be happy to discuss any related matters with those interested in 
co-operation, preferably off the list (btw, a new "systems integration" 
mailing list might be a good idea).



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