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Mark Blackman mark.blackman at
Tue Jul 18 09:29:02 BST 2000

Fortunately, it needn't be very longwinded if you have fairly standard
hardware and standard access provider.

1)  put '/usr/sbin/ppp -auto papchap' in my /etc/rc.local to start on bootup
2) a) copy the /etc/ppp/ppp.conf.sample to /etc/ppp/ppp.conf (if its not there already) and
   b) edit the line + line speed under defaults and the
   c) phonenumber + authname + authkey under the papchap entry.

It was quite literally 5 minutes to get this going for me. If the
above procedure doesn't work for you, I'd be happy to help. I was
under the erroneous impression you had more fundamental problems than

Netscape hangs or dies regardless of platform in my experience.
I'd say no worse and no better than the Linux version.

Port updates depends on the maintainers. KDE is pretty popular so I'd expect
within a couple of weeks of release. not that I'm a fan of bloatware
like KDE. is 1.90 really broken?

Did you find anything about matcd on the mailling lists? You really
shouldn't take my word for it that they are not supported properly.

- Mark Blackman

> set speed 38400
> set authname myname
> set authkey mypass
> term
> at
> atdt mynum
> add! default HISTADDR
> Can then ping, browse etc.
> /etc/hosts and resolv.conf seem setup right.
> Following the handbook / pedantic ppp primer gets me a chat 
> script that fails.
> Suggestions for automating the above are welcomed.
> Has anyone setup KDE's ppp dialer app on FreeBSD?
> > tun* should be there. 'ifconfig -a' will give you a complete list
> > of available drivers.
> This will need updating for the handbook. I think the handbook 
> refers to 3.4, now that I read the first page.
> So. I'll update docs on
> matcd0
> ifconfig -a for tun devices
> controller for device
> ppp dialing - see man ppp, Its easier to understand than the primer, 
> handbook and FAQ together, and does step by step guide too.
> I'll do this when I've finally setup all the stuff. Just email the 
> maintainers so I don't need SGML tools etc installed?
> My netcard works fine with GENERIC, using ed0
> The soundcard can wait.
> Can anyone recommend a good GUI ICQ program for FreeBSD?
> Can FreeBSD mount minix file systems ;- ) One floppy disc.... with 
> Zork on it! I don't think so, but maybe.
> I'm quite impressed to see the Inform compiler supplied as a 
> package.
> Experiences with Netscape on FreeBSD? I note the linux version is 
> supplied as well....
> How long does it take for a port to be made? KDE 1.92 is due out 
> in ~1 week...
> Last time I searched ports, they only had 1.90
> Thanks in advance
> George Russell 
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> And for the record, beer and curry are good for user group 
> meetings. But meeting in bookshops with cafes is better. SLUG in 
> Glasgow meet in borders bookshop, then go down the pub, afaik.

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