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Tue Jul 18 07:49:43 BST 2000

On Mon, Jul 17, 2000 at 11:00:48PM +0100, george.russell at wrote:

> ppp dialing - see man ppp, Its easier to understand than the primer, 
> handbook and FAQ together, and does step by step guide too.
And we have the advantage of having Brian Somers, the PPP maintainer on the
list who can help fill in gaps.

> Experiences with Netscape on FreeBSD? I note the linux version is 
> supplied as well....
I think a lot of people run the Linux version under emulation. I do and it
works fine. It also means you have access to things like Flash.

> And for the record, beer and curry are good for user group 
> meetings. But meeting in bookshops with cafes is better. SLUG in 
> Glasgow meet in borders bookshop, then go down the pub, afaik.
Of course Glasgow isn't short of curry houses or pubs....

But starting in a bookshop is a good idea, especially if the numbers aren't
too large.

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