[LONG] FreeBSD UK User Group - The state of the nation?

Lee Johnston lee at zoom.eu.org
Sun Jul 16 23:56:57 BST 2000

Hi all..

As Neil said, the meetings involve beer and curry only due to convenience,
we haven't really had enough cash, or time to organise formal meetings in
conference suites of hotels until the recent Oxford meet.

The introduction of local co-ordinators would allow the group to
expand. We could have more regional meetings, more regularly instead of
the occasional meeting up north, and the majority of the meetings being
in the South-east (due to the increased FreeBSD usage nearer London).

A more formal meeting could be held once or twice a year (in the form
of a mini-conference), where co-ordinators could discuss points raised
at local meetings, anyone would be welcome to attend. A sort of AGM for
the UKUG.

The areas could be split into maybe ten regions; Scotland, Northern Ireland,
West, North-east and Yorkshire, North (Manchester, Liverpool, etc), Midlands,
Wales, South-west, South-east. This of course depends on how many users
are present in each area.

What I had been thinking about was giving each co-ordinator (being a
volunteer), a section on the UKUG site, which they could update themselves,
and also a mailing list for each region.

Currently, in terms of mailing lists, we have:
	dogma-chat (for users of dogma, not active at present)

I agree that we need a technical list or a questions list, saving this list
for discussion about the actually UKUG, or meeting co-ordination.

The difference in numbers could be due to the fact that a lot of people
join for a shell account, and use the list to post technical problems
they've come across.



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