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Ben Smithurst ben at
Sun Jul 16 21:53:36 BST 2000

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Ben Smithurst wrote:

> george.russell at wrote:
>> Has anyone any experience with setting up a dialup PPP=20
>> connection on 4 - with the userland / kernel ppp. The handbook=20
>> section claims that the tun drivers are in the generic kernel, but=20
>> ifconfig can find none (in GENERIC or my kernel) . I have all the=20
>> needed ppp details from the old linux setup. I have also used=20
>> MAKEDEV tun0 to create the device entry.
> ifconfig won't show any -- they're created dynamically as they're
> needed.  Cool, eh? :-)

Sorry, on reading that myself, I probably wasn't clear enough.

What I should have said in addition to that was to go ahead and run PPP
anyway.  When PPP has the link open to your ISP, ifconfig will show the
tun0 device.  I'm not sure if tun0 will disappear from the ifconfig list
when the link is closed, my gateway machine running PPP is still on
3.4-STABLE where tun0 wasn't magic like this.

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