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Sun Jul 16 19:33:46 BST 2000

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george.russell at wrote:

> Just how out of date is the FAQ / Handbook?

I think the Handbook seems to get maintained a bit more than the FAQ,
but as Mark said it's all volunteers who update it.  We don't have
infinite time to change every little bit whenever a new release comes
out with a different syntax in config files or whatever, we rely on
people like you noticing and telling us to a certain extent. :-)

> i.e. it suggests the use of controller rather than device for my
> hardware, yet config complains - its dated. Is the documentation
> brought up to sync with 4.0, release?

Where?  If you know SGML, please send diffs to the SGML source.  Even if
you don't know SGML, you should be able to make simple changes without
knowing it.  Send the diff you create using the send-pr(1) program.
Even if you don't create a diff, please send a PR anyway specifying the
exact section and so on which needs changing, and someone should look at
it fairly promptly.

I'm not sure how much of the following Mark Blackman answered in his mail,
but never mind...

> Has anyone any experience with setting up a dialup PPP=20
> connection on 4 - with the userland / kernel ppp. The handbook=20
> section claims that the tun drivers are in the generic kernel, but=20
> ifconfig can find none (in GENERIC or my kernel) . I have all the=20
> needed ppp details from the old linux setup. I have also used=20
> MAKEDEV tun0 to create the device entry.

ifconfig won't show any -- they're created dynamically as they're
needed.  Cool, eh? :-)

> Can someone help me compile a custon kernel and add my CD-
> ROM, soundcard and network card. Yes, I have read the handbook=20
> section, and followed it, and do have a makefile derived from=20
> GENERIC. The entry for my netcard isn't known - its in the generic=20
> kernel, but in whch driver, I am unsure.

You're saying your network card works with the GENERIC kernel?  If so,
do "ifconfig -a" or "dmesg" to find out which devices were found.

> I have a DLink DE 528 PCI Adaptor Its NE2000 compatible, so I guess
> ed0 was the driver.


> The entry does want some details I don't know - it is, however, on=20
> IRQ 11, and linux found it automatically. Compiled into my custom=20
> kernel, the card times out.

If it's PCI, just "device ed" should be enough.

> I have a SB16, ISA card on factory settings. IRQ 5, DMA 1,5 etc=20
> Its compiled in and works with my new kernel - with a lot of=20
> warnings about compatibility mode. What driver should be used to=20
> replace snd?

device          pcm
device          sbc0    at isa? port 0x220 irq 5 drq 1 flags 0x15

works for me.

> Attached to the soundcard is an old Matsushita CR 562 drive. This=20
> is not supported in GENERIC, and is causing me major problems.=20

You've got me there, hopefully someone else can help with that.

When you're reporting hardware problems, it's generally a good idea
to include your full kernel config and the output of "dmesg", if you
include that someone might have an idea.

> If its etiquette on the mailing list, I can send a mail with the
> output of dmesg, uname, and my custom kernel config to the list.

no problem with that, at least none that I'm aware of.

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