New FreeBSD's users Questions

george.russell at george.russell at
Sun Jul 16 14:52:01 BST 2000

Hi, I'm a new user and a new member of the UG.

I have some questions ;-) about various config problems I've 
encountered so far, and some pleas for help!

What is the direct equivalent of rpm -qa for FreeBSD - i.e. a list of 
all currently installed packages.

Just how out of date is the FAQ / Handbook? i.e. it suggests the 
use of controller rather than device for my hardware, yet config 
complains - its dated. Is the documentation brought up to sync 
with 4.0, release?

Has anyone any experience with setting up a dialup PPP 
connection on 4 - with the userland / kernel ppp. The handbook 
section claims that the tun drivers are in the generic kernel, but 
ifconfig can find none (in GENERIC or my kernel) . I have all the 
needed ppp details from the old linux setup. I have also used 
MAKEDEV tun0 to create the device entry.

Can someone help me compile a custon kernel and add my CD-
ROM, soundcard and network card. Yes, I have read the handbook 
section, and followed it, and do have a makefile derived from 
GENERIC. The entry for my netcard isn't known - its in the generic 
kernel, but in whch driver, I am unsure.

I have a DLink DE 528 PCI Adaptor 
Its NE2000 compatible, so I guess ed0 was the driver.
The entry does want some details I don't know - it is, however, on 
IRQ 11, and linux found it automatically. Compiled into my custom 
kernel, the card times out.

I have a SB16, ISA card on factory settings. IRQ 5, DMA 1,5 etc 
Its compiled in and works with my new kernel - with a lot of 
warnings about compatibility mode. What driver should be used to 
replace snd?

Attached to the soundcard is an old Matsushita CR 562 drive. This 
is not supported in GENERIC, and is causing me major problems. 
I've copied the entry from LINT into my custom kernels file, and it is 
compiled in - at least matcd.c can be seen in the list during 
compile. The CDROM is on the default settings - those specified in 
the LINT entry. Its supported under Linux in the sbpcd driver, and is 
found at address 0x230 No trace of it is seen in booting, or when 
looking at the kernel output with dmesg. I have created the dev 
entries, and tried to both mount cd9660 (iso9660 to me ;-)) and 
play audio cd's - no luck. The cd9660 FS is compiled in, and is 
available as a lkm in the modules dir.

On the plus side, Xfree and KDE work strainght off, and the IDE 
disk seems faster and more responsive thab under linux 2.2.x

If its etiquette on the mailing list, I can send a mail with the output 
of dmesg, uname, and my custom kernel config to the list.

Any takers?

Thanks in advance
George Russell

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