Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Fri Jul 14 21:46:48 BST 2000

> Okay, yet more questions... sorry folks.
> I've solved my rc.conf problem, I copied the one from my work laptop which is
> also running 4.0-STABLE (last built sometime last week) and /etc/rc.conf is
> now being read. Yippie!
> However the NIC, whilst being recognised is not being assigned it's IP address
> and so networking is not starting up properly. As this is the first time I've
> tried to configure a PCMCIA NIC, I'm sure it's something I'm missing in how 
> stuff should be ordered.

Try tweaking the IRQs specified in /etc/defaults/pccard.conf.  If 
you're getting device timeout messages, this should solve the problem.

If you aren't seeing timeouts, I'm afraid you'll be stuck with 
dusting off tcpdump with a ``tcpdump -i whatever \( port 68 or port 67 \)
(I'm not 100% sure of the ``or'' syntax).

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