Fraser Heath Fraser.Heath at BTInternet.com
Fri Jul 14 18:45:52 BST 2000

While I see some relevance to your comments, please keep your opinions of
the sex`s out, if you went out once in a while you would see just as many
teenage girls as boys getting drunk on lager, and throwing up in the street.
Again with your computer games image, it seems to be in your post you were
more concerned in trying to promote woman rather than help with FreeBSD.
And while you may have years of experience to count on, if you feel yourself
so much better than us all, and men in general, then why are you subscribed?
Perhaps a <InsertSuperiorFeministLiberationGroupName>@uk.freebsd.org mailing
list is to your likeing.    While working in a oil company I experienced
many nights out for beer and curry, and the head of the software development
department was always there, a woman no less!


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