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Fri Jul 14 18:04:01 BST 2000

On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 07:58:24AM +0100, Simon Clayton wrote:
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> One thing *I* would suggest is that we use this list more; post
> questions here instead of (or as well as) -questions. That would help
> to inject more life into the UG. Much of the time this list is almost
> dead, so newcomers are likely to form the opinion that nothing ever
> happens round here.
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> I agree totally - when I first joined this list I got two impressions
> 	1.  Nothing much happens on it
> 	2.  The Newcastle meet was a bunch of mates going for a piss up!

So were both Oxford ones, we just gave them a fancy name - ha ha
fooled ya! :-)

> I'm sure some people will disagree but that is what I thought.  When
> the talk started of the Oxford meet I started to get more interested
> as it sounded a whole level more professional.
> I also think that -questions is far too busy for an average IT 
> professional, there are a LOT of mails on that list and I actually
> stayed subscribed for a couple of months but then got bored with
> the questions which had no relevance to me.  This is an eternal 
> problem, when I used to read the Novell Instructors forum you got a
> lot of people asking stupid questions which again meant that I stopped
> reading the list.
> My point is that firstly the UKUG list is valid and valuable but IMHO
> if it gets too busy people will unsubscribe - therefore, we also need 
> to have a UKUG-questions list where we can start a more active UK 
> community.

I'm sure that if the volume of mail warranted it then it would happen
and would, IMHO, be a good thing.

> Just my two penneth!
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