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Helen McCall wrote:

> I find the general ethos in the freebsd world so embarassing that I do not
> like mentioning the name "Freebsd" to my commercial clients, preferring to
> refer to it as "Berkley UNIX" instead. The ethos as seen by myself and
> other women is that of teenage boys with all the naivity of youth, getting
> drunk on lager, filling up with curry, and then as all women know probably
> being sick on the pavement.

I think you're confusing FreeBSD with Linux here (or your commercial
clients are, anyway).  At the Oxford meeting, there was to the best of
my knowledge, _one_ teenager.  There may have been a few others who
I either didn't notice or just looked older.  I'm not sure how old
everyone else was, but I'd quite a few were over 30, some probably over

> The name "FreeBSD" tends to conjure up the image of little pools of
> vomit in the street!

That's the first I've heard of it.  If the same isn't true of Linux,
that's probably only because most of its users are probably below the
legal age for consumption of alcohol.

> which is why those of us old enough to be your mothers or grandmothers can

I think _you_ would do well to lose the patronising attitude.  Perhaps
you could lose your ridiculous stereotype of teenagers having nothing
better to do than get drunk, too.  That's just Not True in many cases.

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